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What is MMA?

What is MMA? During the 33rd Olympic Games in 648 BC, the Greek Pankration was introduced. The Greek Pankration was a combat sport between two people without weapons and minimal rules. It quickly became the most popular sport and was considered one of the finest. The Pankration was said to be forbidden when Greece became was Christianized under Constantine I in the 4th century AD. Read more

EFC AFRICA 21 : Event Preview

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EFC AFRICA 21. July 25th, 2013. Carnival City. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jacksons MMA Series 11 Promo

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JacksonĀ“s MMA Series XI. August 10th, 2013. Tingley Coliseum. Albuquerque, NM.

KOTC: "Unprecedented" TV promo

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King of the Cage: "Unprecedented". August 17th, 2013. Gold Country Casino. Oroville, CA.

KOTC: "World Wide". Promo

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KOTC: "World Wide". July 5th, 2013. Mall of Asia Arena. Manila, Philippines.